About 10 important skills (0.05 Century of learning)

Search Engine Optimization

  142 reviews

Local and International SEO strategies, technical audits, keyword studies, Antispam Linkbaiting, SEO trainings, Content Marketing and Social Media Optimization...

SEO trainings

  63 reviews

Animation of multiple SEO trainings in French or English with Web developpers, integrators, webmarketing teams, content writers and managing teams...

Content Marketing

 47 reviews

Content Marketing strategy definition and management, content production that will optimize visibility on social networks and improve linkability towards brand websites.

Website Architecture

  25 reviews

I make use of my SEO and Ergonomy knowledges to structure websites, facilitating relevancy, good internal linking and the most important, a fantastic and simplified user navigation.

Web Ergonomy

  34 reviews

Design with Balsamiq Mockups of Website User Experiences, a great tool that integrates well with web designers and integrators to make truly usable pages and websites...

Web Analytics

 56 reviews

Defining the right KPIs for each business, setting up amazing dashboards as well as identifying traffic sources, appreciating the quality of visit and conversion analysis...

Web project management

 45 reviews

Collaborate with developers, designers and integrators to develop great web applications that respect SEO standards and have the competitive advantage that make the difference...

Website creation with Drupal 7

 36 reviews

Drupal is an Open Source content management system based on PHP a MySQL You are currently visiting a Drupal 7 website with a Bootstrap theme and a few modules.

Bilingual English / French

 65 reviews

French is my native tongue and after two years of studies in Scotland, I am able to understand and convice people in any of these languages, so if you want to send me a mail, please avoid Chinese...

And I even know how to use office softwares

 56 reviews

I grew up with Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint, advanced data management and great presentation are necessary first to understand and then convice...