About 126 144 000 seconds of studies (0.04 Century)

And I learnt the rest in good old books

Since 2007 - I arrived in the Web industry mostly by deep passion, and even if it

was not my initial specialization, I completed my Web Skills with these few books...

BA (Hons) European Economy & Management

2005 to 2007 - In the Dundee Business School at Abertay Dundee University.

In a multicultural context, I got a Bachelor of Arts with Honours in Management.

EDC Paris Business School

2003 to 2005 - French Business School Focused on Entrepreneurship.

A pragmatic and ethic orientation towards Management Arts and Sciences.

Scientific Baccalaureate - Major in Mecanics and Electronics

June 2003 - At the beginning, I wanted to become developper or Chemistry teacher.